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The Art of Beauty

From Graffiti to Murals: A Guide to the Different Types of Street Art

Posted on Sep 13, 2022 in Art of Events

There’s no doubt that street art is one of the most unique and engaging forms of art out there. And while the definition of street art can be a little murky, we’re going to define it as any art displayed in a public space without permission from the owner of that space. From murals and graffiti to chalk drawings and yarn bombing, you’ll find all sorts of different types of street art in cities all over the world. So if you’re looking for an interesting way to experience a new city, check out its street art scene!

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How to Host a Fashion Birthday Party Your Guests Will Love

Posted on Aug 8, 2022 in Art of Events

Why not host a fashion party if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special birthday? This party type is perfect for any fashion-savvy girl (or boy) who loves to dress up and try out new looks. Here are a few tips on hosting your own fashion birthday party that your guests will love. Happy planning!

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High Fashion Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Posted on Jul 11, 2022 in Hair Fashion

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next hairstyle, look no further than the runways of high fashion. This season’s shows were packed with gorgeous, creative hairstyles that will make you want to book an appointment at your favorite salon. From sleek, straight looks to boho waves, there’s something for everyone in this roundup of the best high fashion hairstyles. So whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or want to switch up your normal routine, these styles will inspire you!

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Editorial Makeup: How to Achieve Professional-Looking Results

Posted on Jun 20, 2022 in Essential Face Makeup Tips

Makeup is a great way to enhance your features and give yourself a professional appearance. However, it can be tricky to know how to apply it correctly. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips for achieving a polished look with your makeup. We’ll also provide examples of how to use different types of products properly. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful and polished makeup look every time. Let’s get started!

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Fashion Tips for Dressing Kids: Create the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Child

Posted on May 15, 2022 in Fashion Tutorials

Are you at a loss when it comes to dressing your kids? Do you find yourself buying the same clothes over and over again because you don’t know what else to choose? If so, today’s post is for you! We will be sharing some fashion tips to help you create the perfect wardrobe for your child. So whether your child is a toddler or heading into their teen years, keep reading for helpful advice.

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